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Billing Information

Payments can be processed as follows:

In the Event of an Employee Injury

If your employee gets hurt on the job, be sure they receive medical treatment as soon as possible.  It’s important that you report the work-related injury or illness to Zenith as soon as you know about it.  From there, you don’t have to figure out what to do. Zenith’s dedicated team will help you through every aspect of the claim and keep you fully informed.

Zeniths’ Medical Provider Network (ZMPN)

For employees in California, search for a medical provider online at:


ZMPN Time of Injury – Employee Notice.  For the injured employee’s use at the time of injury.

To search for Medical Providers in other states, visit:  https://www.thezenith.com/injured-employees/injured-employees-english/locating-a-provider/


Medical Transportation Options

Minor injuries such as sprains and strains may not require transportation by ambulance to a medical facility.  Ambulance charges often exceed $1000, and are reportable on your experience modification. Other transportation options are available and less costly.  If your employee sustains a minor on-the-job injury that doesn’t require ambulance transport, but does require transportation to a doctor, we suggest utilizing other local transportation options, including Uber, Lyft, or taxi.

When appropriate, cost-effective medical transportation can be arranged through the following resource:

One Call Transportation
Phone: 888-672-7806
Fax: 888-672-7805

However, if your employee is in need of immediate emergency medical treatment, please call 911. The responding ambulance company will transport your injured employee to the nearest medical facility.

How to report a claim

 Please have the following information on hand when you report a claim:

  1. Your policy number
  2. Description, date, and time of incident
  3. Injured employee’s name, address, Social Security number, date of hire, occupation, wages, and date of birth
  4. If the employee received medical attention for the injury prior to your call, the name, address, and phone number of the medical provider

Once we receive the claim, we can also answer any questions you or your employee may have about workers’ compensation processes and benefits.

Report by phone: 800-440-5020

Report by email: firstcallnewclaim@thezenith.com

Provide all of the information listed above.

Report by fax: 800-440-5022

Report online: Click below to submit an online report of injury.

Click Here to Submit Your Claim to Zenith

Zenith Solution Center

Zenith policyholders have access to their Zenith Solution Center.  Some of the tools included are:

  • Education & Training
  • Risk Management and Safety Resources
  • Human Resources information
  • Access to Human Resource (HR) experts
  • Access to Safety Experts/Risk Control professionals
  • Incident Tracking Tools (Includes OSHA Compliance documentation)
  • Organize and stay current on Safety Data Sheet requirements

Visit Zenith’s Solution Center.  Registration required.