Preferred Employers Insurance Company (PEIC)

Billing Information

Preferred Employers accepts the following payment methods:

  • Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer using your Checking Account

Payments can be processed as follows:

In the Event of an Employee Injury

If the injury is serious or life threatening, call 9-1-1 or seek treatment from the nearest emergency facility.

Preferred Employers’ Medical Provider Network (MPN)

For employees in California, search for a medical provider online at:

Claim Forms

DWC-1 Workers Compensation Claim Form – to be completed out by the employee and employer

Employers Report of Occupational Injury or Illness – to be completed by the employer

Online Reporting Form for Preferred Employers

Claim Reporting

Business owners, supervisors or employers may file a claim directly by calling

(888) 472-9001, Option 1

Business Resources

Preferred Employers has created a Business Resources toolkit for their policyholders.  Some of the resources can be accessed on their website here.  Some of the available tools include:

  • Safety Topics
  • Free Safety Videos
  • State & Federal Agencies shortcuts
  • Workstation Ergonomics tips
  • Human Resources – requires policyholder registration to access all available tools